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In addition, LEAs should organise training on the law and home education methods for all their Education Officers who have contact with home-educating families in their area. This research finding raises serious doubts about the quality of professional judgments being made by officers during initial and or monitoring/inspection visits to families from these backgrounds. We are committed to appropriate development of LA officers involved in monitoring home education. In the home educating family, on the other hand, people of various ages and generations mix easily together in a variety that more accurately mirrors the outside society. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to do it right. I always have more than enough to share and it supports my local community too. Which suggests the possibility of a more attractive model, in which young adults get on with their lives while educating themselves, in whatever subjects are of interest to them, in a less formal framework. 2.1. The purpose of the duty is to make sure that children not receiving, or at risk of not receiving, a suitable education are identified quickly, and effective tracking systems and support arrangements are put in place. Section 12 enables the Secretary of State to require local authorities to establish and operate databases relating to the section 10 or 11 duties (above) or the section 175 duty (below), or to establish and operate databases nationally. 2.3.9. Is the child/young person looked after by the local authority? What other data would you like to see looked at or examined? You may also like to know. Once clients realise how far afield their personal details are being reported, they stop sharing usually THE most significant information, such as a drug addition, since they realise that they may be severely compromised by providing information such as this. 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